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Quai Péri Park & Ride (Parking relais)

You can leave your car near a bus stop or a ferry at Park & Ride sites and continue your journey using the public transport network. 

The Park & Ride site near the "Quai Péri" bus stop at Lanester, served by lines 20, 30, 40 and 42, can be seen opposite.

Park & Ride sites are freely accessible and denoted by a signpost.

About ten cars can be parked at the Park & Ride located on the D.18 road near L'Enfer.  It is located near the "Kercado" bus stop, served by line 31.

Locmiquélic Park & Ride

All you need to do after parking your vehicle is take the bus or boat with a valid ticket or travelcard or buy a ticket from the driver.

The Locmiquélic Park & Ride serves the Pen-Mané landing stage. From here, you can take the boat to the city centre of Lorient from the left bank (sea line 10).




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