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The CTRL network organizes travel within the Greater Lorient Community. Significant line use and 120 years of transport history have contributed to the network's good performance.

The tramway period 120 years ago

4 April 1896 

First session of the Lorient City Council for a public transport network project.

22 June 1897

Establishment of the CTL : Compagnie des Tramways de Lorient.

15 April 1899 

The first 10 trams out of the 24 tractor units, 20 tram cars and goods cars planned.
May/June 1899 inquiry into the public utility of the tramway project (4 line project).
23 kilometres built for 3,2 million francs in 1900 !

26 August 1899 

First rails laid between Lorient and Ploemeur.
The railway is built during the first half year of 1900.

23 September 1900

The electric power station providing the traction sources for the trams is brought into opération.

21 October 1900

The first test run of the Lorient Tramway.

1er January 1901

Inauguration and commercial operation of the three lines of the Lorient Tramway network.



1er May 1902

Inauguration of the fourth tram line between Lorient and Hennebont.

1er December 1908

Establishment of the line between Lorient and Place Bisson.

8 September 1912

Establishment of the line between Lorient and Guidel.

26 November 1932

Replacement of trams by buses between Lorient Lorient and Hennebont.

30 April 1934

Replacement of trams by buses on the hospital line in Lorient.

Buses provide a service on the Plomeur line. Trams provide the rush-hour service.

2 May 1934

Replacement of trams by buses between Lorient and Guidel.

1er October 1937

Replacement of trams by buses on the Ploemeur line.

1er January 1938

Last tram line between Keryado and La Perrière is abandoned.

4 April 1940

Decree confirming the demotion of the tramway network in favour of the bus network (6 lines, 18 Renault buses).

A network expanding rapidly


Creation of the SIVOM including Lorient, Lanester, Plomeur, Caudan, Larmor-Plage and Quéven with 122 000 inhabitants.


The CTL becomes CTRL. Introduction of the transport payment, contributing of the development of the transport network.


Signing of a public transport development agreement with the Mniter for Transport for 5 years.


Establishment of the pedestrian/bus road in Lorient city centre.


Creation of the Arbitration, Information and Service unit present in the field, to encourage the CTRL, city, district and street players to talk to each other.


Inauguration of the new Lorient bus depot.


Bringing into operation of the Gare d'Echanges (intermodal hub).


The SIVOM gives way to the District (SIVOM + Gestel, Pont-Scorff, Hennebont and Inzinzac-Lochrist), representing 150,000 inhabitants.

Creation of the nautibus services (tour of the harbour) and Surfybus (beach bus).


Establishment of the Système d'Aide à l'Exploitation (SAE) : combined radio and bus tracking system.


The towns of brandérion, Cléguer, Gâvres, Groix and Port-Louis become members i.e. 179,000 inhabitants. Extension of the CTRL network to 16 towns.


Redevelopment of the bus network and new organisation of the CTRL into sales offices.

1er January 2000

The District becomes the Greater Lorient Community and is joined by the town og Languidic, i.e. 185,000 inhabitants.

Juin 2001

Creation of the Boutique de transports et Déplacements in Lorient city centre.

Janvier 2002

The town of Locmiquélic joins Cap l'Orient : introduction of the Pen-mané and Sainte Catherine sea links.

End 2002

The SAE is modernized : the buses are equipped with GPS and can be followed by satellite.

End 2003

The Système d'Aide à l'information (SAI) installed at 50 of the community's stops tells customers hox long they will have to wait until the next bus.


The Triskell work is launched, showing cap l'Orient's intention to develop a more efficient public transport service.

4 September 2006

Complete overhaul of the CTRL network in the left Bank towns of cap l'Orient : Gâvres, Locmiquélic, Port-Louis and Riantec.

15 June 2007 

Opening of the sales boutique and implementation of dynamic mapping on the website.

3 September 2007 

Inauguration of the new CTRL network, reorganised for the launch of the TCSP (Transport Collectif en Site Propre).


Cap l'Orient becomes Lorient Community.

3 December 2012

The CTRL makes the change from a ticket to a completely contactless system.

1er January 2014

Merger of the Communauté de Communes (Town Community) of Plouay and Lorient Community. This is a community of 25 towns.

Logo Triskell 2017.

16 december 2014

Beginning of the 2nd slice of the works Triskell 2017.


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